Yoga is my true path.   


My love for the practice became clear in my very first Kundalini Yoga Class in 1998. I was looking for a way to relieve stress and find a deeper meaning to everyday life and what I experienced was a connection to the “self” I had long ago lost touch with.


With the contentment and balance that I found on this new path, I knew I needed to commit myself to sharing it with others. I began teaching Kundalini in 2001 after a year-long certification through the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). This was just the beginning of my yoga journey. I found Ashtanga yoga to be the perfect combination with Kundalini and that interest a led to a teacher’s training program in 2004. I then redirected all of my energies to teaching yoga full time. I am happy to bring more knowledge into my teaching from the recent trainings in the Level 2 modules from KRI. Conscious Communication, Vitality and Stress, Mind and Meditation, and Authentic Relationships with Lifestyles and Life Cycles on the horizon. 


Meditation for me brings the biggest reward, and I love sharing the techniques I have been incorporating it into my daily Sadhana’s for over 20 years. I believe in the powerful shifts that can come quickly through a dedicated 40 day meditation practice. Simply learning to make your own acquaintance each morning through the lens of love and compassion and choosing to focus your energy and attention on the elevated emotions that you desire in your life. 


I believe in allowing all of my influences and experiences to flow into my classes in an effort to leave you feeling physically challenged, emotionally tuned-in and consciously elevated. I am grateful to be leading virtual classes daily Monday-Friday in the form of 40 Day Sadhana Sessions during this time of change. Even if you are feeling zoom fatigue, these classes ask you to close your eyes and go inside so you have this beautiful opportunity to cultivate a sacred home practice space. 


I look forward to offering outdoor classes in person soon. 


In 2015 I created Pranic Soul, a teacher training program that combines the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga with the creative outlet of vinyasa flow and the science of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. I am passionate about teaching anyone and everyone on how to tune into their inner strength and awakening to living in the now ... during all the stages of your life.