Privates are great way for me to get to know you and how best I can help in your transformation. Whether you are a beginner and looking to jump start your practice by learning the basics and gaining the confidence to safely join a class setting.


Or if you are an advanced practitioner that is looking for the nudge to take your practice deeper. This could translate into deeper expressions of the asanas through hands on adjustments for meditations picked specifically for you based on the challenges or intentions you are working with. 

Having extensive training and practice in the Ashtanga Mysore tradition, I am able to offer primary series and second series led privates with hands on adjustments to help you move and grow at your own pace.

Wherever you are today, is the perfect place to start and I can promise that you'll find benefit in taking the time for you to evolve and transform you mind and body. 



$108 for 60 minutes

$120 for 75 minutes

$135 for 90 minutes

For a $35 travel fee, I will come to you on location ... Share the private with a friend at no additional cost.